Thursday, 25 June 2020

Tamarereti story

Tamarereti was sleeping soundly, Beside the lake, Tamarereti threw the stones up in the sky,. the taniwha waited under the water. out in the deep dark lake, the stars shone brightly. up towarde the sky. Tamarereti lived with his to the roaring fire. Tamarereti's waka sailed far away. Drifting slowly. sat the very scary taniwha. waiting under the water, Tamarereti therw the bright stars into the night sky. using all his strength, Tamarereti reached the safety of home Guided by the bright stars, Tamarereti knew he had to think of an idea. with fear in his. heart, the wind died down. Unexpectedly, Tamarereti set off fishing... Excitedly, the stars shone in the night sky.

Number of the week hundreds

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Equivalent Fractions


"Stay in there and be quiet!" whispered Tom as he approached the elevator. "How much longer? I can't breathe in here". said sonic from inside the bag. "A lady looked over at Tom and asked, "Do you have your child in there?" Tom looked back at the lady and said, "NO!" Then Tom thought for a minute and added. "I mean yes. It's a child, but it's not mine". the lady looked rather worried before a concern man questioned",. It's not your child?". Tom stayed staring straight. "smells like body spray and old ham sandwich"!

Monday, 22 June 2020

Scrambled sentences

All of the children are playing nicely today.
The wind is very strongly blowing outside.
Last night the band played very loudly.
I always try to speak kindly to my friends.
I always ride my bike when I ride carefully.